With our easy referral process, your child’s first appointment will be scheduled within 5 days from which we receive the referral information. We are Medicaid providers and accept most insurance plans (see below for list of accepted insurance).

Call us at 972-385-0006 to check on the status of your services.

Referral and Intake Procedure*

  • NTT&HC receives patient referral from the caregiver, daytime facility or the physician.
  • Child’s insurance eligibility and benefits are verified
  • Authorization to evaluate is obtained if required by the managed care plan (This occasionally takes 3+ days days to obtain.)
  • A formal evaluation is scheduled and completed
  • The recommended plan of care is reviewed by your child’s physician and authorized by your child’s Medicaid or managed care plan.
  • The treating therapist calls to schedule the therapy visits with the parent or caregiver
  • *This process may not be applicable to all insurance plans or payment option.